PantyhoseFor numerous women pantyhose are an essential daily closet item. Extending their wear, choosing the correct size, and other considerations can save cash and keep you in pantyhose. This is a page about pantyhose suggestions and techniques.

The next pair of pantyhose you purchase, put water in a zipper bag and put your new pantyhose inside put in the freezer. A number of days before you require them, take out, un-thaw and hang to dry. They will be tough to put on the very first time, however will last a lot longer.

Once a month, put them in freezer bag without any water overnight. Freezing them reinforces the fibres which prevents runs. They will last a very long time. I have had my 2 sets for a year.

If you find you are entrusted to pantyhose that don’t suit the panty – (that is, the legs fit – however the panty comes up too short) you can still utilize them. I cut off the panty of old control leading pantyhose and conserve them. Then use them when the panty in the pantyhose is too short, I can still wear the pantyhose with the old control top panty on the top to anchor them.