Fetish loving chick

If you’re a woman who has ever worn shoes, heels or any kind of shoe which exposes your toes, there’s every possibility you would have been eyed up. Simply note where you were expecting. Lots of people can be squeamish about a foot fetish, and I’m unsure why. Is it yet another part of our body we’re supposed to be ashamed of?

Personally I like my feet, they get me to all sorts of places. Do not throw away your old shoes– sell them to someone with a foot fetish instead Other people have sensitive feet and don’t like them being touched. That’s fine, they can still be appreciated in a myriad of methods.

The standard truth of the matter is that foot fetishes are extremely common. It’s one of the standard moves in Domination– when somebody is made to do something so degrading and revolting as licking your feet then that’s when they feel at their most submissive.

If you believe that your partner has a foot fetish, then I have a few suggestions to get you began. One fast caveat– yes, there are female foot fetishists out there, but for ease, I’m coming very much from the angle of a straight woman having fun with a guy.